Gallery Rental

We’re open for rental by corporations, organizations, non-profits and other groups.

Our beautiful, contemporary Gallery accommodates gatherings of any size - from an intimate breakfast meeting to an afternoon seminar or glamorous evening cocktail reception.

Throughout the year, the Gallery showcases exhibitions of work by local, national and international artists, making for a fresh and unique event setting.



WiFi internet, equipped to record and webcast your event.


Floor-to-ceiling windows, with optional blinds.


Professional production and technical staff available.



Our base fee is $650/half day (based on a minimum 4-hour booking), which includes:

- The support of 1 professional technician
- Up to 120 padded stacking chairs
- Use of four 8-foot tables
- 1 ceiling-mounted projection screen, 9' W x 6' H
- 1 ceiling-mounted digital video projector
- 1 wireless microphone, handheld or lapel-clipped
- Coat rack
- WiFi
100 King St W, Toronto, ON M5X 1A9 | | Telephone: 416-862-8138
130 King St W, Toronto, ON M5X 1A9 | | Telephone: 416-864-6210

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