Snacking Strategies

The Workplace Snacker: well-known in the office place ecosystem, and one with sometimes unpredictable cravings. When the need to nibble hits, the Workplace Snacker must act - and fast! Herewith, ideas to satisfy every size and flavour of hankering.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Get through crunch time with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory's Rocky Pop mix. It's handmade at each location by snacking experts who lovingly drizzle popcorn with dreamy caramel sauce, and then toss in almonds, cashews, pecans, and peanuts. Drool.

Burger King
Every so often, nothing but a Whopper will do. Other times, the munchies mean you need something you can consume with just one hand: like a chicken nugget, or French fries, or a no-knife-and-fork-required apple turnover. Go to Burger King to get yours.

Gateway Newsstand
Salt enthusiasts, meet at Gateway Newsstand for a Doritos raid. We'll begin with a quick flavour bracket - Cool Ranch over Flamin' Hot? Cheese tortilla over Chili Heat? - and then move on to the game, which involves eating all the Doritos you can manage.

International News
Sometimes you want a fancy snack, but sometimes you need a good, old-fashioned chocolate bar. Set the bar right where you want it - in your hand - at International News. They've got it all: a mix of classic and newfangled treats sure to satisfy even the most intense chocolate craving.

Tim Horton's
Donuts or Timbits, Timbits or donuts...maybe both? Go on and dough yourself a favour and hit Timmie's (one in the Food Terrace, another in the Food Exchange, for 'double double' the pleasure) for some divine donut action. Cast your glaze on a classic chocolate or sour cream, or go full custard, cruller, or sprinkles!

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