The Comfort Zone: Lunchtime Edition

Even the cheeriest among us feel down every now and again - especially this time of year - but it's nothing a heartening, stick-to-the-ribs lunch can't solve. Sometimes a little soul food (and chocolate, in warm drink form) is just what the doctor ordered, so we've rounded up some of First Canadian Place & Exchange Tower's most comforting dishes and cozy quenchers.

Soup It Up
Ah, a good soup on a cold day. At Soup It Up, brothers Adam and Ian Nefsky offer a minimum of 14 daily options and a menu full of customizable salads and sandwiches (vegan and gluten-free options included). Try their ever-popular Chili, it comes in three different flavour's to satisfy each taste bud and every conceivable craving.

In lieu of calling in sick and spent, try Maxim for a lunch that's (home-) made to fortify. Their menu's stocked with comfort foods made fresh and from scratch every day, drawing legions of loyal lunch fans. A taste of their vegetable lasagna (or shepherd's pie, or mac & cheese) will make you feel like you never the left the comfort of your covers.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Five Guys has burger-making down to a science - no wonder they've trumped In-N-Out as America's favourite fast-food chain. And let's face it: there's something to be said for a simple, honest cheeseburger with American cheese and your choice of topping combinations, served in a no-frills setting with generous portions of their signature fresh-cut, cooked-twice, crispy-on-the-outside, mashed-on-the-inside fries.

The Great Canadian Bagel
Homegrown stalwart The Great Canadian Bagel serves 24 varieties of freshly-baked bagels. Plain? Sure, no problem. Pizza sauce and mozzarella-infused? They've got it - it's called the Tomazzo. And their breakfast sandwich deals can't be beat: a coffee and a Western sausage supreme, with egg and melted cheese, is the perfect way to start a day of work.

Fact: some days call for emergency chocolate. Lindt's got it covered with a decadent selection of fine Swiss confections in their boutique, along with piping coffee, hot chocolate and warming mocha drinks. For sneak stress attacks, keep a snack-size three-pack of cacao balls in your desk drawer. You can never be too prepared.

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