Throw a Slam-Dunk of a Party

B-ball lovers rejoice, play-offs are finally here! If you're a basketball fan, you're probably knee-deep in brackets and stats, but we invite you to put down your scoresheet and shift into party mode - basketball themed, of course. Not sure where to start? Here's your assist.

Piazza Manna
First order of business: make a pizza plan. Piazza Manna's got you covered with their 24-inch party-sized pies - choose from BBQ chicken, calabrese, classic margherita, and lots of other options. With your pizza order squared away, you can focus on setting up the screens you'll need to watch all those early-round games.

Mucho Burrito
Feeling spicy about your bracket? Go Mexican with tacos from Mucho Burrito. Set up a grab-and-go station with a few options - think barbacoa, chipotle shrimp, carne asada, and chorizo - so people can nosh as they move from screen to screen (and maybe even join the free throw competition on your indoor mini-court).

No need to jump through hoops to get the right mix of snacks at your party. The Market by Longo's has a great assortment of catered platters, including wings, tapas, mini empanadas and chicken tenders. Let Longo's do the prep work, so you can focus on building an awesome viewing party playlist.

Szechuan Express
Throw Szechuan Express into the mix with a catered menu featuring all your favourites: crispy ginger beef, stir fried lo mein, fried rice, and spring rolls. Pair with a tasty play-off punch, and then get to work building your all-star team - and pitting it against your friends'.

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