Vegan Confidential 

The facts are clear: minimizing your meat consumption is great for your health and the planet. First Canadian Place and Exchange Tower make incorporating plant-based meals into your diet easy with over 25 fresh food purveyors who offer vegan options. Here's a round up of a few fan favourites.

iQ Food Co.
iQ Food Co. specializes in seasonal, veg-forward bowls and snacks made from locally sourced ingredients, like their Avo Toast 2.0 with pickled turnips, radish, and a little spice. Enjoy it with a Sababa salad (brimming with sweet potato bean cakes and a rainbow of veg) and a Lil' Zucc loaf.

Kupfert + Kim
Max out your daily vitamin and mineral consumption with Kupfert & Kim's First Canadian Place Salad, a bowl that's packed to the gills with organic kale, quinoa, tempeh, and more than a half-dozen veg. Pair with a tangy green smoothie and a few PB & J bites for dessert.

Calii Love
Looking to bump up your flavour quotient? Do it with Calii Love's Japanese-inspired Grateful Bowl, which layers chili ponzu tofu, edamame, smashed avocado, and sweet potato on top of kelp noodles. Finish it off with a cookie - choose from oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, or peanut butter - and a Blue Majik Mile Latte or Beet Latte.

An OG provider of health-conscious dishes, Freshii has been dishing out bowls and wraps for close to 15 years. Try their quinoa-and-broccoli Superfood Soup with a Baja Burrito (crammed with avocado, salsa fresca, corn, cilantro, quinoa, and tomato) and add a cold-pressed Green Genius or Renew juice for good measure.

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