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This delicate tea is as close to the living tea bush as you can possibly get. White tea is loved for its light flavour and natural sweetness.


Bai hao yin zhen:

China MK. China's dos famous white tea, this is created using only the silvery, hand-picked buds.


Buddha's blend:

A zen melange of jasmine pearls, hibiscus blossoms and white and green tea.

Cherry blossom:

This cherry tea is a taste of Japan during the spring cherry blossom festival.

Mango madness:  

A super-frith blend of white tea, mango, orange and pineapple.

Sweet lime:

A sweet, citrusy blend of white tea, green tea, lime and mango.

Ginger pear:

The combo of sweet, delicate pear and warm, spicy ginger is more than the sum of its parts - especially in this deliciously comforting, perfectly balanced white tea.


After water, green tea is he drink most consumed on the planet. From pan-fired Chinese greens to steamed Japanese greens, there are a ton of flavours to explore.


Butterfly Jasmine:

CHINA MK Delicately jasmine-scented green tea, hand-shaped into the form of butterflies.

Ceremonial Matcha:

JAPAN MK Calling all matcha lovers! This is our creamiest, sweetest, most delicate matcha yet.

Dragon pearls:

CHINA MK These little gems are hand-rolled and scented with jasmine flowers.


CHINA MK These leaves are meticulously pressed in a hot wok until they are just right.


JAPAN MK This traditional Japanese blend combines sencha with roasted rice.

Grand cru macha:

JAPAN MK This extra-fine, creamy matcha is one of the highest grades you can get.

Ggyokuro yamashrio:

JAPAN MK This is shaded the last few weeks before plucking, so it's dark, rich and green.

Japanese sencha:

JAPAN MK This steamed green tea is refreshing, light and brisk.

Matcha matsu:

JAPAN MK Mix this powdered green tea into smoothies, lattes and milkshakes

Sencha ashikubo:

JAPAN MK This premium green tea is dried using a traditional wood fire process.

Silk dragon jasmine:

CHINA FT MK Spring-plucked green tea, scented with night blooming jasmine flowers.


Countess of seville:

MK An orange-scented green tea with orange peel and bergamot oil.


FT MK A rejuvenating blend of rooibos, sencha, ginger, ginkgo, lemongrass and juniper.

Goji green:

MK Freshen up with this sweet, fruity blend of green tea, goji berries, orange and raspberries.

Green passion fruit:

MK An all-natural, super-refreshing blend of green tea, pineapple and passion fruit.

Green seduction:

MK A tempting blend of green tea, rosehips and pomegranates.

Kashmiri chai:

MK A light, delicate chai with green tea and exotic spices.

Lime gelato:

A sweet, creamy blend of green tea, apple and lime.

Mint matcha:

An all-natural blend of stone-ground matcha, pure coconut nectar and a hint of mint.

Movie night:

This blockbuster blend mixes green tea with apple and real popcorn.

North African mint:

MK A refreshingly spicy mix of green tea, mint, cardamom, ginger and licorice.

Sweet ginger heat:

MK Turn of the heat with this sweet and spicy, ginger-packed green tea.

The spice is right:

FT MK A sweet and spicy blend of green tea, cinnamon and orange peel.

Toasted walnut:

With toasted walnuts, pineapple, coconut and almond, this is pure comfort.

Vanilla matcha:

An all-natural blend of stone ground matcha, pure coconut nectar and a hint of vanilla.

Honeycrisp apple:

Bring a taste of the orchard home with this juicy, fruit-packed green tea. Delicately sweet and lightly floral, it's just like biting into fresh, crisp apple. Oh honey!


Oolong tea is somewhere in between a green and black tea. The leaves are tightly rolled so they slowly unfurl in your cup. Try steeping them multiple times, Ògung fuÓ style.


Oolong supreme:

CHINA MK A uniquely toasty oolong with noes of ripe plum and shea butter.

Tie kwan yin:

TAIWAN MK This classic oolong is nutty buttery and crisp.


Citron oolong:

A refreshing blend of oolong, jasmine flowers and lemon myrtle.

Coconut cream:

A decadent oolong with toasted coconut, white chocolate and cane sugar.

Happy kombucha:

A blend of oolong, mango, pineapple and powdered kombucha.

Long life oolong:

MK A hydrating peach oolong with sweet apricots and crunchy almond slices.

Guanzhou milk oolong:

A luxuriously creamy blend of oolong and all-natural milk flavouring.

The skinny:

MK With pu'erh, ginger, eleuthero and oolong, it's the ultimate after-dinner drink.

Vanilla orchid:

MK Premium Huang Jin Gui oolong with a creamy touch of vanilla.


There's a whole world of black teas to explore. Like honey-scented tea from Nepal. Rich breakfast teas from Kenya. Or wild-growing leaves from Yunnan province.


Assam banaspaty:

INDIA FT MK This malty, bold fair trade Assam is amazing on its own or with milk and sugar.

David's breakfast tea:

BLEND FT MK This perfect blend brings together premium teas from India and Nepal.

English breakfast:

SRI LANKA MK Our English Breakfast has a deliciously bold flavour with a hint of honey.

Irish breakfast:

BLEND MK This rich, full-bodied black tea brews up nutty, fruity and bold, with hints of wild dark honey.

Jasmine black pearls:

CHINA MK The finest black tea, scented with jasmine and rolled into pearls.

Kenyan tinderet:

KENYA MK A sweet, rich and earthy black tea from KenyaÕs Tinderet estate.

Lapsing soughing star:

CHINA FT MK This super-smoky, sweet black tea is wood-smoked over a fire.

Nepal black:

NEPAL MK These bold, smooth leaves have a delicious hint of honey.

Orange Pekoe:

SRI LANKAN MK Our Orange Pekoe is a blend of Sri Lankan leaves. ItÕs malty, bold and astringent.


Apple strudel:

A sweet and comforting black tea with apple, coconut and almonds.

Blueberry jam:

FT MK A fruity blend of black tea, blueberries, elderberries, cornflowers and stevia.

Chai & mighty:

MK A rich blend of warm spices, with a sweet hint of liquorice root and vanilla.

Chocolate chill chai:

A spiced black tea with dark chocolate, chilis and peppercorns. Arriba!

Chocolate macaroon:

A sweet, satisfying blend of black tea, coconut, cacao nibs and pecans.

Cream of earl grey:

MK A creamy twist on the classic Earl Grey, with a rich hint of vanilla bean.

Dark chocolate delight:

MK A deliciously rich black tea with cocoa shells, blueberries and big pieces of dark chocolate.

Earl grey:

MK This classic blend combines black tea with premium oil of bergamont.

Glitter & gold:

Black tea with pretty little gold star-shaped sprinkles.

La la lemon:

FT MK Black tea studded with orange peel and natural orange and lemon extracts.

Love tea #7:

A romantic blend of black tea, chocolate, strawberries and rose petals.

Maracuja mango:

MK This refreshingly sweet and rich black tea mixes exotic maracuja with sunny mango.

Read my lips:

This sweet black tea is strewn with chocolate, peppermint and red candy lips.

Red velvet cake:

A super-rich blend of chocolate, white chocolate, sprinkles and beetroot.

Saigon Chai:

FT MK Black tea with Saigon cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and peppercorns.

The earl's garden:

MK This fruity take on Earl Grey adds strawberries and cornflowers.


In China, earthy puÕerh has been used to aid digestion for over 1700 years. Its name comes from the city of PuÕerh along the trade routes between China and the West.


Silken puÕerh:

CHINA MK With notes of cocoa and dried fruit, this earthy puÕerh goes down like liquid silk.


Chocolate orange:

MK This rich tea blends orange peel with real chocolate chips.

Coffee puÕreh:

MK Even coffee lovers go for this blend of pu'reh and real coffee beans.

Hot chocolate:

November. A rich and fudge blend of pu'erh, black tea, cocoa nibs and chocolate.

Juicy orange:

MK This fresh and fruity blend is deliciously refreshing and undeniably good for you.

English toffee:

Need a toffee break? This rich and decadent, all-natural blend of pu'erh, cocoa and caramel is the perfect sweet treat. The best part? At next to no calories, it's virtually guilt free.


Super-energizing yerba mate is a South American drink of ancient origins. Guayusa, yerba mates Ecuadorian cousin, is a smooth-drinking energy booster, steeped in over 2000 years of tradition.

Chocolate rocket:

MK Get ready for lift-off with this cocoa-raspberry mate blend.

Electric lemonade:

MK With lemon, berries and yerba mate, this tangy, energizing tea is like lemonade with a grown-up twist.

Green matŽ:

MK This energy-filled South American herb is pleasantly earthy, tart and bold.


FT MK From the jungles of Ecuador, this super-energizing herb is smooth and earthy.

Jumpy Monkey:

This rich mate blend has coffee beans and white chocolate.

Main squeeze:

MK Meet your new main squeeze, an orange-y blend of mate and fruits.

Nutty by nature:

With almonds, apricot and green yerba mate, this blend is satisfying on every level.

Power berry:

Power up with this energizing mix of mate, raspberry, black currant and garcinia.

Cinnamon mate:

MK Refreshing peppermint and warming cinnamon are the ultimate breath-freshening dynamic duo. Especially when you pair them with an energizing base of roasted yerba mate.

Queen of tarts:

MK All hail the queen! This is a tart and tangy blend of guayusa and hibiscus.

The buzz:

MK This stimulating blend of ginger, matcha, mate, guarani and citrus will have you buzzing in no time.


This easy, caffeine-free infusion comes from the rooibos plant, a small shrub that can only be found in a tiny region of South Africa. Lightly sweet and super hydrating.

Alpine punch:

An almond-scented rooibos with apples, cinnamon and ginger.

Birthday cake:

Party like its your birthday with this sweet, cake-scented rooibos blend.

Coco chai rooibos:

FT MK A spicy rooibos chai with cinnamon, ginger and a creamy hint of coconut.

Creme caramel rooibos:

This sweet, dessert-like rooibos blend has real pieces of caramel.

Earl grey rooibos:

A caffeine-free version of the classic, with natural oils of bergamot and tangerine.

Green and fruity:

FT MK A super-refreshing, hydrating blend of green rooibos and tropical fruits.

Green rooibos:

FT MK This smooth, tasty herb is sweet, earthy and delicate.

Jessie's tea:

MK Relax with this super-zen blend of rooibos, coconut and lavender.

Mint chocolate rooibos:

Everyone cals for this sweet mix of rooibos, mint and chocolate chips.

Cinnamon rooibos:

FT MK Cinnamon is so much more than just the tastiest spice around. It has a clean and refreshing taste your breath will thank you for.

Oh Canada!:

This super-patriotic rooibos blend tastes just like maple syrup. Sweet!

Pink lemonade:

MK It doesn't get more refreshing than this rooibos with hibiscus, pineapple and lemon.


FT MK This hydrating South African super-herb is sweet, smooth and complex.

Super ginger:

FT MK This super-spicy rooibos is packed with ginger, peppercorns and pepper.

The glow:

A blend of traditional complexion-savers, including cinnamon and rosehips.



When it comes to herbal infusions, we carry just about everything you can imagine, from classic tisanes to the latest super-fruits.

Banana nut bread:

This tea miraculously captures the flavour of freshly-baked banana bread.

Bear trap:

MK Any bear would love this berry-packed blend with reships and blackcurrant.


MK Got a sore throat? Reach for this blend of liquorice, chamomile and rosehips.

Calming chamomile:

MK This sweet, relaxing, honey-scented herb is the perfect bedtime treat.

Cold 911:

MK This powerful blend of peppermint, juniper and eucalyptus is deliciously soothing.

Forever nuts:

This nutty jumble of almonds, apples and cinnamon steeps bright pink. It's nuts.

Goji pop:

A juicy, refreshing blend of apple, hibiscus and delicious goji berries.

Guava cadabra:

This delicate pink tisane blends guava with mango and apple.

Just peachy:

MK This fruity iced tea is packed with the juicy flavour of ripe summer peaches.

Le digestif:

Stomach troubles be gone with this blend of apple mint, fennel and ginger.

Magic dragon:

A tangy tropical blend with dragon fruit, apple, rosehip, hibiscus and blackberry leaves.

Me to we tea:

MK This tangy, fruity blend gives clean water to a developing community in Kenya.

Melon drop:

A lusciously fruity blend of honeydew melon and kiwi with a hint of papaya.

Midsummer night's dream:

A dreamy, romantic blend of mint, apple and gooseberries.

Mighty aphrodite:

MK This sweet, herbal raspberry leaf tea is perfect for soon-to-be moms.

Mother's little helper:

FT MK Drift away with this relaxing blend of peppermint, lemongrass and valerian root.

Strawberry rhubarb parfait:

This deep red blend tastes as bright and juicy as a fresh-picked berry with a tart rhubarb punch and a subtle hint of yogurt creaminess.

Peppermint amour:

MK This refreshingly minty herb is super soothing and revitalizing.

Pink flamingo:

A tangy, citrusy mix of hibiscus, apple and tangerine slices.

Serenity now:

MK This soothing blend of lavender, strawberry and hibiscus is a one-way ticket to your happy place.


MK A fresh, cool herb that makes a killer base for a mojito.

Spiced apple:

A sweet and spicy blend of apple, figs, cinnamon and star anise.

Strawberry colada:

This sweet, fruity and extra creamy tisane is straight out of a retro cocktail menu.

Sweet dreams:

FT MK A perfect bedtime sip, mixing chamomile with lemongrass and fennel.

The big chill:

MK A refreshingly minty blend, with an uber-calming hit of valerian root.


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