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Piazza Manna

Catering Menu

Please give 24 hour notice on all orders. We will try to accommodate any last minute requests.
Piazza Manna Restaurants have been serving Pizza to the Downtown Core for over 25 years.
The freshest, tastiest Pizza sitting at your boardroom table only one or two minutes after it was baked.



tomato sauce, mozzarella, herbs


tomato sauce, mozzarella, the real dry cured pepperoni


tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper

La Bruschetta

olive oil, mozzarella, roma tomato, red onion, olives, basil


tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, mushroom, bacon, onion, olives


tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, calabrese, soppresata, house-made sausage

Piccante- Spicy

tomato sauce, mozzarella, house-made sausace, hot pepper, provolone

Asiago Chicken

white pizza, mozzarella, roast chicken, baby spinach, asiago


tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto cotto (ham) and fresh field mushroom


tomato sauce, mozzarella, house-made sausage, mozzarella, roasted peppers


olive oil and herbs, thin sliced potato, bacon, red onion


tomato sauce, mozzarella, roasted mixed vegetables, chevre


ham, pineapple, bacon

BBQ Chicken

roast chicken, sweet bbq sauce, green pepper, hot pepper

Classic Vegetarian

mushroom, green pepper, tomato, green olive

Party size available (24 cut)
Gluten free pizzas available


Mixed Green Garden

organic spring mix, tomato

Class Caesar

crisp romaine, shaved parmesan, focaccia croutons

Tomato Cucumber

roma tomato, cucumber, red onion, basil

Bean Salad

mixed legume in EVOO

Pasta Salad

black olives, tomato, baby spinach, mozzarella, basil


strawberries, toasted almond, on mixed green

Pear Salad

bosc pear, goat's cheese, toasted walnut on mixed organic greens

Kale Salad

organic baby kale, shredded carrot, dried cranberries, and toasted pumpkin seeds


cherry tomato, mini bocconcini, roasted pepper, black olives and arugula


house balsamic, Italian, raspberry, blue cheese, honey dijon, ranch, French


Focaccia and Panini Assortment

House Roast Beef, Ham and Swiss, Smoked Turkey, Chicken Pesto, Jalapeno Chicken, Grilled Vegetable and Goat Cheese, Tuna and Italian Cold Cut.

*Cut in half and served on platters OR pick and choose.

Wraps Assortment

BBQ Chicken, Chicken Club, Roast Beef, Ham and Swiss, Smoked Turkey, Jalapeno Chicken, Grilled Vegetable and Goat Cheese, Tuna and Italian Cold Cut

Veal or Chicken Parm

lightly breaded morsels covered in our homemade sauce topped with melted cheese, mushroom and peppers.


fresh ground beef and veal cover in our homemade tomato sauce.


Tomato Sauce or Arrabbiata

our house made traditional tomato sauce with fresh basil or make it spicy

Bolognese Meat Sauce

tomato sauce slow braised beef, mushrooms, carrot and celery

Vodka Tomato Cream

pancetta and onions in a vodka tomato cream sauce

Chicken Toscana

chicken, spinach and mushroom cream sauce


Pancetta, red onion, in spicy tomato sauce

Traditional Alfredo

Ham and peas in our fresh cream sauce

Calabrese Sausage

House made sausage, roasted red pepper and chunky tomato brodo

Chicken Rose

House roasted chicken, zucchini and red pepper in a spicy tomato cream


Homemade layers of pasta, ground beef and cheese covered in sauce and cheese

Cheese Canelloni

Ricotta cheese and spinach filled pasta

House Specialties

(Includes choice of pasta, potato and veggies or salad)
Small - 6, Large - 12

The Parms

Veal, chicken or eggplant lightly breaded and covered in tomato sauce and cheese


Cookie Tray

Assorted cookies freshly baked in house daily


Moist and rich chocolate delights

Italian Pastry and Biscotti

Assorted Italian pastry

Fruit Platter

Assorted fresh seasonal fruit


Assorted Soft Drink and Water

Mixed coke products

Assorted Juices

Apple, orange, cranberry, grapefruit

Italian Soft Drinks

Limonatta, Arranciata, Brio Chinotto

Mineral Water

San Benedetto sparkling or flat


All of their vegetables and fruits are purchased daily directly from the Ontario food terminal and in some cases directly from local farmers.

Locally grown vegetables whenever in season.  Their spring mix, arugula, baby spinach, and baby kale are all organic all the time. 

All of our pastas and house specialties are served in an appropriates catering tray and include bread and butter tray.

Sandwiches include toppings: mushrooms, peppers, onion and hot peppers

Piazza Manna will ensure that your order will include all the necessary serving and eating utensils and all foods will be arranged in an artistic and eye catching manner which will be sure to impress and even the most discerning food critic.

Piazza Manna also offers our facilities to large parties. Looking for an after work cocktail party, Saturday night birthday party or Sunday afternoon Baptism give us a call and our experienced staff will guide you and help you to plan your special event.

Piazza Manna offers our versatility to you to make sure that any meeting, event or party will be impressive to you and your guests.

100 King St W, Toronto, ON M5X 1A9 | | Telephone: 416-862-8138
130 King St W, Toronto, ON M5X 1A9 | | Telephone: 416-864-6210

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