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Starbucks - FCP Lobby

Catering Menu

Coffee Traveler

A convenient carrier filled with 2.8 L (96 fl. oz.) of brewed coffee.

Their coffee traveler holds the equivalent of twelve 237ml (8 fl. oz.) cups of brew. Great for meetings, picnics and whenever you need a steady flow of truly great coffee.

Choose from Light, Medium, and Dark Roasts. Includes milk/cream, sugar, sweetener, cups, napkins, and stir sticks.

Assorted bakery and lunch items

All Day Breakfast

Assorted Sandwiches (Bacon, Ham, Turkey, Vegetarian)
Seasonal Fruit Bowls
Yogurt Parfaits


Bistro Boxes

La Boulange Baked Goods

Sliced Loaves
Cookies & Bars

Bottled Beverages

Fruit Juices
Frappuccino Chilled Coffee Drinks
Bottled Water

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