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Catering Menu

Giant Subs

3' serves 10-12 people
6' serves 20-25 people

Giant Sub orders require 24-hours notice.
Giant Subs are the perfect way to satisfy giant hunger.

Sandwich Platters

Perfect for Meetings or a get-together with friends.

Subway Commit to Fit Platter

Veggie Delite, Ham, Turkey Breast, Subway Club, Turkey Breast and Ham

Serves 5-9 people (15 portions)

Classic Combo Platter

Cold Cut Combo, Ham, Turkey Breast, Tuna, Italian B.M.T.

Serves 5-9 people (15 portions)

Flavour Craver Platter

Subway Club, Roast Beef, Cold Cut Combo, Italian B.M.T., Turkey Breast and Ham

Serves 5-9 people (15 portions)

Subway to go! Meal

Boxed meal consists of a regular 6-inch or footlong cold sub, one cookie, one bag of chips and a napkin inside a stackable box.
Minimum order requirement is 8 meals.
Ask about adding a bottled beverage.

Subs include: Veggie Delite, Ham, Cold Cut Combo, Italian B.M.T., Tuna, Turkey Breast, Subway Club, Turkey Breast and Ham, or Roast Beef.
6-Inch or Footlong

Side Items

Minimum order requirement is 5 items.

Bottled Beverage
(at participating locations only)


Cookies by the Dozen

Assorted flavours available

Cookie Platter

Includes 3 dozen cookies

*Additional Charge for Extras.

In-Store Menu

All Sandwiches

Carved Turkey

It's tender. It's juicy. It's our NEW premium, thick-cut Carved Turkey served on freshly baked bread. Featuring 100% Canadian white meat with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and a classic oven roasted flavor. Enjoy as is, or top off your sub with any of our crisp veggies and finish with our delicious Cranberrry Mustard Sauce.
6 Inch- Footlong

Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt

On the one hand, juicy strips of grilled chicken. On the other, strips of bacon. All topped off with a tangy smooth ranch sauce.
6 Inch- Footlong


With unbeatable value and so many toppings to choose from, our hearty ham sandwich can become something new and exciting every day. Plus it contains just 4 grams of fat.
6 Inch- Footlong

Italian B.M.T.

Thin slices of Genoa salami, pepperoni and ham, together with processed cheddar cheese. Mmmmmm, it'll just melt in your mouth.
6 Inch- Footlong

Cold Cut Combo

Are you a meat-lover? Then you'll love this! One bite into these delicious deli meats and you'll be addicted.
6 Inch- Footlong

Meatball Marinara

Zesty, juicy Italian-style meatballs covered with marinara sauce. Every bite is simply sensational! Get it toasted for even more great taste!

Oven Roasted Chicken

Tender chicken patty on freshly baked bread... now that's tempting to the max! Contains 4.5 grams of fat.

Pizza Sub with Cheese

The Italian sandwich par excellence. Topped with marinara sauce, pepperoni and cheese. Try it toasted for even more pizza taste!

Prime Rib Swiss Melt

Thick cuts of juicy Canadian beef are layered onto every one of our new hand-crafted Prime Rib Melt sandwiches. Toasted to perfection with melted cheese and built to your highest standards, this is a sandwich not to be missed.

Roast Beef

Stuffed with thinly cut slices of roast beef, this crowd favourite is served on the oven-fresh bread of your choice. Contains 4.5 grams of fat.

Steak & Cheese

Slices of hot, tender, juicy steak, served on the bread of your choice. Just bursting with flavour. Toast your bread to add even more great taste!

Subway Club

The perfect combination of thinly sliced turkey breast, tender roast beef and succulent ham! Satisfies every taste. Contains 4.5 grams of fat.

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

A delicate flavour of teriyaki-glazed chicken strips and the tangy taste of fresh veggies and succulent sweet onion! Contains 4.5 grams of fat.*


Bite into it, and experience flavour that's as fresh as an ocean breeze. Submerge yourself in its waves of unique taste!

Turkey Breast

Succulent sliced turkey breast with 4 grams of fat.* No need to hold back. You can gobble it up guilt free!

Turkey Breast & Ham

An explosion of flavour to tantalize your taste buds. Garnish your Turkey & Ham Sandwich with the vegetables of your choice. Contains 4 grams of fat.

Veggie Delite

A banquet to celebrate your healthy lifestyle, stuffed full of delicious cool, crisp vegetables. Contains 2.5 grams of fat.

**SUBWAY sandwich fat content refers to regular 6-inch sub recipe on white or wheat bread without cheese or non low-fat condiments such as mayonnaise. Customers' request to modify standard sandwich recipes or add additional condiments may increase fat or calorie content.


Bacon, Egg & Cheese

Start your day in a sizzlin' way with crispy bacon, egg and melty cheese on fresh toasted flatbread or whatever you like. It's hard to imagine this trio of tasty ingredients could get even better, but just wait till you try it with everything from juicy tomatoes to spicy jalapenos for a full on flavor free-for-all.

Breakfast B.M.T. Melt

Fluffy egg whites, ham, salami and spicy pepperoni come together with bubbly melted cheese for a morning masterpiece worthy of the breakfast hall of fame. Try it today on a hot toasted flatbread with all your favorite crisp veggies.

Egg & Cheese

A classic for a reason. Our Egg and Cheese is simply delicious. Enjoy a fluffy egg omelet with melted cheese fresh toasted on freshly baked bread. It"s unbeatable. Try it with egg white on flatbread.

Ham, Egg & Cheese

Helllooo delicious! Enjoy savory ham, melted cheese, and egg whites all on a on 3' flatbread. Add your choice of toasty veggies for a tasty way to start the day!


Everything but the bread! Turn any one of your favourite sandwiches into a salad. Add crunch to your meal with chopped lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and much more.

Carved Turkey Salad
Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt
Chicken and Bacon BBQ Melt Salad
Cold Cut Combo
Italian B.M.T.
Korean BBQ Pulled Pork Salad
Meatball Marinara
Oven Roasted Chicken
Pizza Sub with Cheese
Prime Rib Swiss Melt
Roast Beef
Steak and Cheese
Subway Club
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
Turkey Breast and Ham
Turkey Breast
Veggie Delight


As delicious as our sandwiches are, they are even better when paired with the perfect side and drink. Our sides run from salty to sweet and from better-for-you to indulgent. With such a variety there"s truly something for every taste.

Apple Slices


Pepsi Fountain Pop
Aquafina Bottled Water
Pure Leaf
Montellier Bottled Water

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