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Nine Trends You Need to Know

Rachael Fisher, owner, lead stylist, and head buyer for First Canadian Place's Hangar9, comes to the world of fashion honestly. Thirty-six years ago her mom opened the boutique's first location in London, Ontario. Its premise was simple, and today, it's at the core of today's trendy capsule wardrobe concept. If you do these simple things, you'll never feel like you have nothing to wear again: think of your closet as a whole, buy versatile essentials that work together and separately, and freshen things up with a few fun pieces every season. And what about those fun items? We chatted with Rachael about her top picks for upcoming trends.

Hangar9 is investing heavily in suiting, and Fisher is all about coordinating tops with bottoms. Fisher says a modern suiting combination is "the traditional jacket and pant or jacket and skirt, but done in interesting colors, textures, fabrics."

Check Me Out
Fisher doesn't want people to be afraid of mixing checks - any kind of checks - with other prints or patterns. "We treat check and leopard like a neutral," she says. "So we are of the mindset that you can wear checks the same way you can wear black or navy."

Smart + Casual = Smasual
As a stylist, one of the questions Fisher gets a lot is how to dress smart but casual. Her answer? "It's all about marrying pieces that people would typically think of as being formal but mixing them with casual-weekend wear." For the uninitiated, try a high-waist pencil skirt or suit pants paired with an old concert tee.

Basics with Benefits
Basics are the go-to pieces in your wardrobe. Fisher points to a slim-fitting black turtleneck, the perfect little white tee, and classic denim. "Denim went super funky there," she says. "But a great, high-waisted dark jean is back in style."

Snake Print
"Leopard has been the skin of the last couple of seasons. But this season it's all about snake or reptile print," says Fisher. Expect to see it in everything - shoes, jackets, bodysuits, even leggings.

Sustainable Style
Fisher knows the fashion industry makes a lot of garbage. Hangar9 is offering nylons made out of recycled water bottles and a biodegradable collection. As in, literally. "When they're worn out, you can plant them in your garden and they'll biodegrade," says Fisher.

Raw Materials
Fisher is very into raw materials at the moment, plant-based fabrics that occur naturally and aren't synthetic are at the top of her list. "Going back to 100% cotton or 100% linen," says Fisher, who also includes wool and silk in this category.

Fisher says that the utility trend - large pockets on your jacket, cargo pants - is coming back in a big, big way. "It's a function-in-your-fashion type thing," Fisher says.

The Evening
For the holidays, Fisher recommends pieces that take you from desk to dinner. For example: Satin and silk dresses or tuxedo pants look great at the office when paired with a big, chunky-knit sweater. Come evening, do away with the sweater and you've got yourself a sleek evening outfit.

Suit: Derek Lam 10 Crosby, available at Hangar9Shoes: Dorothee Schumacher; Necklace: Dean Davidson Belt: Suzi Roher, exclusively available at Hangar9Dorothee Schumacher, available at Hangar9

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